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A+D or <+> to move W or ^ to jump and accelerate rocket. Hold left click on resources to mine them. Enter rocket with space, exit rocket with S or down arrow.

Goal: visit all planets in the solar system


Explore the solar system in your very own SpaceX Superheavy and Starship (previously known as the BFR).

The update took so long (1.5 months) because we quickly lost momentum and didn't work on it for ages. We also didn't want to release it because of bugs.

Made for Blackthornprod's 2nd game jam, with the theme Mini planets. Thanks for all the great feedback!

Coming Soon Update:

  • A tutorial explaining how to do stuff
  • New and improved crafting system
  • Zoom camera with scroll wheel
  • Hover the mouse over a planet to see if you've explored it already
  • Option to turn off rotation of sky
  • Probably more stuff that i forgot

Install instructions

Windows: unzip the file and run BTP2.exe

Mac: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Linux: unzip and run the .x_86


Starship (Windows) 15 MB
Starship (Mac) 15 MB
Starship (Linux) 15 MB

Development log

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